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Home Fire Alarm System



A complete range of conventional and advanced fire alarm panels, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for any new or retrofit application. Explicitly analytical information and action in precarious moments those could be relied upon to help protect commercial buildings, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, educational establishments, retail stores and many other facilities.

The Fire alarm system is designed to detect the smoke or heat above a certain limit within the premises & alert people in that establishment through alarm sounders. Very early smoke detection is also possible by using special design & equipments.

Various detectable physical changes associated with fire are identified using advanced technologies like convected thermal energy, heat detector, products of combustion, smoke detector, radiant energy, flame detector, combustion gases, fire gas detector. Cameras and software could also be used to analyze the visible effects of fire and irrational changes in applications.

System installation supported with consistent service helps in maintaining the premises in compliance with local codes and regulations.

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