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Riding the security evolution with improvement in abilities to prevent, detect, assess and respond to intrusion and safety threats. Adoption of new technologies and products enables us to create innovative and efficient solutions in the perimeter security market.

Intrusion across the boundaries of properties related to industrial, commercial, public or private site is detected and secured with Digital, High-resolution, Network based and user friendly intelligent security solutions.

We provide hybrid and stand-alone solutions for advanced security within commercial and industrial segments and stand-alone products for residential purposes. Our products operate with a central intelligence backed by data analysis and processing using evaluation algorithm.

Increasing usage of smart-phones and other gadgets has encouraged wireless connection with the alarm systems. These products and services could be monitored and controlled by relevant Apps available at the user’s fingertips. The facility to raise alarms with concerned personnel/authorities is also a major attribute of the system.

Reliability and accuracy are the standout features that underline the utility of the valuable resource.

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