Security Systems Integrator



A risk assessment is conducted to evaluate the security program and the process is bifurcated in two distinct phases of Conceptual Design & Design Development to assess the electronic security system design. Conceptual Design is the understanding of incumbent security systems and comprehending future operational requirements on the basis of which a preliminary design is developed. This conceptual design and budget identifies the systems and technologies to be incorporated in the potential design which also considers whether the existing systems and hardware could be used in the new system. Depending upon the requirement, equipments like access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, video analytics, facial recognition are incorporated in the design. Step-wise complete construction documents are developed in the Design Development stage which include drawings, specifications, schedules and cost estimates. It also includes detailed description of installation, software, configuration, testing, support and maintenance.


The Design overview and walkthrough of the facility plays a vital role at the Planning stage of incorporating an electronics security system. The hardware and installation requirements are planned with subsequent compliance approval, final drawing approval and a review of the requisite operations. Some of the critical milestones considered in this stage for substantial completion are

 Cabling and Networking
 System equipment installation
 Field device wiring and termination
 Central server and devices installation
 Equipment Startup
  Functional Tests
  Integrated System Tests

Following this methodology in Planning results in the procurement and installation of an optimum integrated security system to meet the current and future needs of the organization.


The amalgamation of diverse security technologies into a coherent, lucidly administered system requires specialized experience and knowledge. Our team of experts hold an upper hand with computer controlled, network-based electronic security systems.
With respect to the client needs and requirement, we analyse the feasibility and viability of multiple security monitoring systems that collect and display critical security data to system operators.

As Electronic Security System Integrators, our primary objective is to offer the most capable security system possible within a project’s budgetary guidelines. We consult with your team on every aspect from system design and procurement to system installation, testing and training. We also assist clients with helping to identify security objectives, offering system design and technology options, developing system specifications, RFQ-RFP requests, assisting with the evaluation of potential vendors and subsequent interfacing with vendors regarding project management, system integration and ongoing support issues.

Covering every aspect of electronic security, our consulting services are extended to Integrated Access Control and IP surveillance systems, Intrusion Detection and Alarm notification, Fire Alarm systems, LAN & WAN connectivity, wireless security technologies and more.




The Integration of electronic security system is equivalent to an intricate honeycomb structure resembling a perfect blend of Art & Science. System Integration is based upon company culture, relevant industry and any code or special requirements.
The concepts used for integration are based either on Integration of similar functions like bringing multiple access control systems into a single database OR Integrating dissimilar functions like combining or consolidating security alarms, energy management, fire alarms and access control.

It is a seamless process which involves interconnecting devices/functions together, procurement of the equipment in an integrated package and developing special application software within the Security Control Center. The success of any system is driven by a quality installation and service support.

Knowledge is subjective and a firm grip on the subject matter provides us an additional edge to interpret the security combination required at a given location along with other related parameters.