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Techno Honey Systems Pvt. Ltd. are the expert System Integrators for electronic security and equipment solutions with a passion to architect the best of the security options in a structured innovative pattern. The fast growing enterprise operating across India is driven under the astute leadership of the relevantly qualified techno-wizard, Harshad Tulsulkar with a technically sound, eminent work force. The four point work indicators that are Design, Planning, Consulting & Integrating at Techno Honey are driven by a No-Compromise approach on service and pricing. The Physical Security parameters across the sphere are driven by rising safety and security concerns around life protection and human welfare. Growing demand for complex and effective security management products and solutions are factored by adoption of hi-tech security systems in the global physical security market. It commands an accelerating budget allocation across government and business organisations. Conversely, the security solutions across varied platforms are dictated by device inter-operatibility issues related to compatible and feasible attributes.
The industry is being subjected to a mass makeover in it’s operational strategy and modern Technology is playing a pivotal part in the process. Component-wise, use of technology in the physical security segment is divided into hardware and software.
The prominent hardware components comprise Surveillance Cameras, Recording & Storage devices, Fire Alarms, Access Control Panels & Readers, Locking Devices, Intrusion Alarm Detectors, Perimeter Fence & Smart Sensors. Software-wise, the classification delves into Open Platform surveillance software, Access Control, Visitor Management, Canteen Management Applications, Building Management Software etc.
The Services are segmented into public alert and warning system, security consulting, public safety answering point, technical support, remote management services, video surveillance and others. These services are applicable to a wide range of strata from industrial and retail to transportation and logistics, hospitality, utilities, control centres, government and other public sectors.