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Electronic access control points could be a door, turnstile, parking barriers or any kind of physical barrier controlled by an electric locking device. Operator intervention is replaced by an automated card reader or a biometric reader.

State-of-the-art Web based access control, Managed access control are exercised to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance & Visitor management systems to manage the organisation’s visitor traffic. Specialised solutions with intricate software are designed for high profile operations in Banking & Financial Institutions, Airports & Seaports and Government establishments of Defence & Research.

Biometric technologies like fingerprints, retina scan, iris scan, hand geometry and facial scan are brought in operation to analyze unique personal attributes. Access Control Matrix could be devised as a model for static access permissions meant for specific access control security policies.

Penetration Testing involving Discovery, Enumeration, Vulnerability Mapping and Exploitation is a vital service using advanced set of procedures and tools to test security controls of a system.

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