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Architects, Contractors, Consultants and end-users, we are right at your GATEstep with a host of GATE automation options for a variety of applications in the Industrial and Commercial sectors, Public and Private sectors & Hospitality and Pharma sectors to name a few.

Auto sliding Gates, Boom Barriers, Bollards, Parking Fee Management System, Memory Video GATE Phone, Glass Sensor GATE, Rolling GATE, Long distance RFID System, Tripod Turnstile, Motorised Retractable Gates & Auto Swing Gates.

Products are selected for a range of construction types, shapes and colours with avant-garde control elements. These also include optional fire protection, emergency exit, break-in prevention and hygiene functions in-line with customer specific designs.

Product compatibility is a key feature with respect to new structures or restoration projects to create a coordinated automation system in domestic or commercial set-ups.

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